We got back earlier tonight from a celebration of Independence Day with the usual fireworks display.

The longer I have lived in the US, the more I have come to appreciate the greatness of the country and its people. Sure, we make our share of mistakes but there is no other country in the world that so many people aspire to live in, if they just had the opportunity.

There is no question in my mind, that my decision to come to the US in 1971 was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and my family. I was able to sponsor my brother and his family and I know that he feels the same way about this country and what it has offered to him and his family. Having lived for varying lengths of time in India, Kenya and the United Kingdom, there is no question in my mind that I have the greatest sense of “belonging” to the US – and this is not a knock on any of the other countries where I have lived. Each of those countries were important in molding me into what I am today!

The US has been correctly described as a land of opportunity and a nation of immigrants; unlike other countries, it is generally welcoming of immigrants and the dynamism of the country is in large measure because of these immigrants. As Mort Zuckerman said about the US:

“Immigrants come to America for many reasons, but mainly they come because it’s the land of opportunity and upward mobility where achievement is more important than inheritance. Uprooting themselves from the familiarity of family, community, and even language and culture, they are self-selected risk-takers, which is why they tend to be hardworking, self-starting, creative, and smart. It’s also why immigration has been such an economic plus for America and why so many of us look so favorably on legal immigrants.”

So, my posting for today is a tribute to USA

For the Love of Lady Liberty
Her shining beacon held aloft.
above a radiant crown,
sending the light of liberty
across the seas

inviting the huddled masses,

the forlorn, the impoverished,
the down-trodden, the imprisoned,
the beleaguered,
those who suffered, subsisted,
survived and endured
conditions of tyranny, brutality and oppression
yearning to breathe free.
Respecting the laws of this land,
many came and answered the call,
to see for themselves,
and seek out what had been
offered and promised:
chances to be able to live a life
worth living,
finding, however, that it came with
tasks and duties to be mastered,
that freedom sought
was not just free for the taking.
Freedom came with a guarantee,
for all willing to pay the price
of commitment and dedication
to the causes of liberty.
Let no-one compromise,
shortchange, undercut or circumvent
the profound meaning
of the message of liberty.
Let no-one betray the promises made
given, earned and guaranteed
Let those in government at all levels
abide by the rules and laws,
statutes and edicts,
respecting the imitations of power, upholding
The Constitution of the United States,
The Bill of Rights.
doing their sworn duties
to protect and defend our rights
to life, liberty and justice for all
Remember today
all who had gone before,
and who had sacrificed,
not for transient causes,
but for the perpetuity and permanence
of liberty and freedom.
Celebrate the day
with sincere thoughts
of rededication and loyalty.
Lady Liberty,
noble, serene, and confident,
will show you the way!
Just look for the beacon
held high,
shining the light of liberty
for all to see

Thanks to Gerhard A. F├╝rst for providing the above tribute

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