This blog is not geared to anything specific but I hope to offer, as the title implies, some thoughts and commentary about whatever strikes me at any point in time. I tend to be a voracious reader of the myriad offerings on the net ranging from serious subjects to the frivolous. So, at least some of my postings will likely emanate from these “surfing” activities.

The images which appear on the header to the blog include well-known landmarks in the four countries РIndia, Kenya, UK and the US Рwhere I have lived.  The only one that warrants further explanation is the image of the tusks Рin Mombasa. These tusks were built as a gateway of sorts to Kenya when Princess Margaret was visiting the country in the late fifties Рa time when Kenya was a colony of the UK. I felt that including these images is appropriate since the countries they symbolize have played an influential role in my life.

Other images include those of my family and a few taken during our travels to various countries. The images rotate at random each time one reloads a page or clicks one of the links within the blog.

So welcome to this – my first – blog, activated on March 7, 2009, and do feel free to offer any suggestions or comments.

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