My name is Thomas Joseph and I live with my family in Great Falls, Virginia, USA. I came to the US  in 1971 and have lived more years of my life in the US  than in any other country. The “Rana” in the title is my nickname.

I was born in India and emigrated to Kenya when I was three years old and proceeded to the UK for higher studies after I completed high school in Mombasa, Kenya. Other than spending the occasional vacation, an unremarkable year studying at Bishop Cottons School in Bangalore and a brief stint working in Bombay, I have never really lived in India.

So it is all the more surprising that we chose to purchase a flat (condominium) in Kerala, India where we have for the past three years spent the winters – escaping from the cold in Virginia.

These varied life experiences have, hopefully, resulted in a better appreciation of different cultures. Not surprisingly this exposure to different countries and its people has also resulted in my views on politics and social issues as being quite liberal. This will doubtless surface as I post my thoughts on various issues over time.

This link on our family website has more information about me and my family!

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