Robert Contreras, who first commented on my blog entry regarding the crash of Pan Am 217 sent me a number of images ….. some of them quite graphic …… which were published in the Venezuela newspapers at the time of the crash.

I am including all of the images ….. the script is in Spanish but barely readable except for the headlines. They can be viewed below.

Thanks to Roger for taking the time to send me these images.

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3 Responses to “Images pertaining to the crash of Pan Am 217”

  1. Cristina says:

    Last week I was talking to the husband of one of my daughters favorite teacher Mrs. Sue Anne Morrow and he asked me if by any chance I knew the family of Pablo Guttman from Caracas Venezuela, a very good friend from Lawrenceville School, NJ, who died in the accident of the Pan Am flight 217 in 1968. This week I have being searching to find any information about his family so Mr. David, my daughter’s favorite teacher’s husband could give them his condolence. He really wishes to contact them.
    Please if you have any information please let me know
    Thank you

  2. James Haynes says:

    Could anyone advise on the cause of this tragic air accident. I had heard that it was possibly brought down by an altitude activated bomb device.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Hi James, are you related to Patricia Alice?

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