Just a quick follow-up to my last post “Dell laptop problem: “Plugged in battery not charging”:

The fix I posted ceased to work on my laptop. I contacted Dell since the laptop is still under warranty and a technician was sent on a service call to replace the motherboard and the A/C adapter. The technician started the laptop using the new adapter and the problem disappeard. When he attempted to use the old adapter, the problem returned which seemed to confirm that the issue was with the A/C adapter.

So it turned out to be a relatively simple fix and it was not necessary to replace the motherboard though he had brought one with him since Dell indicated it would probably need replacement.

The fix I outlined in my last post may still work for some people faced with this problem since many people have commented on the blog where I got the fix that it had solved resolved the issue for them. It just turns out that in my case the failure of the battery to charge when using the adapter was caused a defective adapter.


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