This is a semi-annual festival that is a big social deal in Tokyo

This was one of our major activities on Sunday – experiencing a wide variety of sake that was being served in the arena of a major shopping center nearby.

A view of part of the crowd at the Sake Festival

It resembled a huge food fair but the emphasis was on different types of sake though there were some “upscale” food trucks serving different types of cuisine ranging from Japanese to German and Italian. Interestingly we did not see any Chinese which is a staple at such events in the US. There was something akin to burgers and hot dogs that we avoided.

Just a portion of the varieties of sake

There were a number of these booths where sake was being served plus people who would bring sake in bottles and refill glasses

There was a wide variety of sake which was served in a special sake shot glass – one had to buy the glass which one then gets to keep. The shots ranged in price between $3 to as much as $15. I am not a great fan of sake and I was not even after tasting different varieties but it was interesting as part of the overall experience.

With Brito imbibing sake

The venue was very crowded as is evident in the pictures – and as always the women were well dressed and hardly anyone was even the least bit overweight. It must be a combination of the diet and physical activity combined with genes that explains the fact that both women and men are so slim.

Mini sampling sake

Here are the shoes she bought!

One of Lekshmi’s friends/colleague joined us during the latter part of the festival – we were there for about four hours. She is in a role that has her moving to different cities for a couple of months at a time. She is 30 years old, single and has no children and she lives a carefree life with a good income and most of her expenses covered by the US government as she does her stints in different parts of the world. As we left the sake festival we passed by a Christian Louboutin store which sold their high end shoes. She bought a pair more or less on a whim. Sort of an expensive whimsical move: the shoes cost almost $850! As I told Mini, I could have bought 20 pairs of Reebok shoes for that price!!

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  1. Peter says:

    Now that, the Sake festival, is the kind of culture I can easily be part of …. and the shoes is part of the shopping experience I can NEVER be part of 🙂

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