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These pictures were scanned from the family album and were all taken in India and Kenya from the 1930s' all the way to the early 90s. In every instance each picture features the family member in whose photo gallery the below link appears. Some of the pictures have deteriorated considerably but are included in the interests of ensuring completeness and also in case family member/s are interested in restoring pictures that may be meaningful to them. Most pictures have been identified but there are a few which have unidentified individual/s.

Family Album-Rana

Amit graduated from George Washington University in May 2008 with a BA majoring in Biology. He will be enrolling at GWU's medical school in August 2008. When you click on the link all the pictures appear on the webpage simutaneously.

Amit's Graduation - May 2008

The winter of 2007/2008 was spent in Kerala - mainly in Cochin where we bought a flat the previous year. Unlike the prior year, we did not travel much since the first part of the three months we spent there involved furnishing and setting up the flat we had purchased just before leaving Kerala after our prior visit. The pictures in this album were taken at various times during our stay in India, There is also a video link showing the flat we purchased - this video was taken literally hours prior to return to the US and so the flat is not exactly in pristine condition! It is a large video file and will therefore may take a while to load

Visit to India 2007-08

Video of Flat in Panampilly Nagar, Cochin

We went on a Caribbean cruise the week of April 22 with Peter & Shiny. The ports of call were Costa Maya in Mexico, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios in Jamaica. The cruise was really a celebration of Peter & Shiny's 25th wedding anniversary - we were invited since it was their first cruise and as "veteran cruisers" the assumption was that we would know the ropes! As it turned out it was during the cruise that Peter's 53rd birthday occurred. Anyway, we had a great time. The first link has pictures and the next three links are movie clips which do take a while to load

Caribbean Cruise - April 2007

Movie - An After Dinner celebration with Peter in Action

Movie - Departure from Ocho Rios

Movie - Long Clip of Final Dinner Celebration

Saira & Richard were married on March 31, 2007 at Crossroads Methodist Church. The reception was held at River Creek Country Club. It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was held at a picturesque location

Wedding pictures

Some pictures of the flat in Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam, which we bought during the tail end of our stay in Kerala. These were taken after signing the agreement to purchase the flat. Rajamma Kochamma came along after Benoy very kindly offered to drive me to Ernakulam for the purpose of signing the agreement. We close on the transaction at the end of August

Flat - Panampilly Nagar

Mini & Rana went to Nepal in late November, 2006. The plan was to complete the Annapurna Circuit but we had to cut short the trek after we both suffered ailments. We did trek about 60 miles and it was a remarkable experience even though we did not complete it. The links shown cover the actual trek as well as scenes from Pokhara and Kathmandu

Trekking in Nepal
Pokhara & Kathmandu

We spent several days in Delhi with our friends Vijay & Kiran - more days than we intended - but resulting from our aborted trek in Nepal. The warmth and hospitality we received was overwhelming. Saira, Richard & DJ together with Amit and Peter & family joined us in Delhi during the latter part of our stay there. The pictures shown were mostly taken during a party that Vijay & Kiran held on Christmas Eve at their beautiful flat

Stay in Delhi

While in Delhi, Mini & Rana made a short visit to see Mini's nephews and their families in Ranchi. It was a pleasant experience and I got to meet people who I had only heard of by name

Visit to Ranchi

A family reunion took place in Kovalam, Kerala in December, 2006. Family members came in from the US, United Kingdom and Australia

Family Reunion - 2006

Another part of the reunion was a memorial service for Appa & Amma at Kaloopara palli. Thereafter a reception was held with a large attendance of relatives and friends

Reception - Kaloopara

During the family reunion, Jose wanted to have a belated celebration of his 60th birthday with all his relatives together with the family members who had assembled for the reunion

Jose's Birthday

Mini, Rana & Amit, together with Fifi & Peter and their respective families, enjoyed visiting with Alice Kochamma . Sareena was there spending time with her mother

Alice Kochamma

It was just wonderful to spend time with Ashwati, Biju and family - a visit Mini, Rana & Amit made with Peter and family. This was en route to Bangkok when we stopped in Madras to see off Amit and Peter and family

Visit to Ashwati & Biju

We both spent about five days in Bangkok - our first visit to Thailand. Vijay & Kiran were with us through part of the time

Trip to Bangkok

During our trip to Thailand, we spent a weekend in Pattaya - which lived up to its reputation in more ways than one.Pictures of some views from our hotel room

Weekend in Pattaya

Vijay & Kiran accompanied us on this unforgettable drive to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Here are a few pictures taken when we stopped for lunch on our way to there

En route - Siem Reap

One of our travel goals was met when we both, together with Vijay & Kiran, visited the unforgettable Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

One of the highlights of our trip to SE Asia was a visit to Phnom Penh, with Vijay & Kiran, which turned out to be a charming place with very friendly people - a city and country still recovering from the ravages of the Pol Pot regime

Phnom Penh

On our return from Bangkok, we both were happy to join in the celebration of Alex's son, Ashok's wedding

Ashok's Wedding

After Mini's pilgrimage to Guruvayoor, we both together with George & Leela proceeded to visit Alice and family at Kunnamkulam

Alice & Kunjumon

A brief visit to Mini's relatives in Ernakulam


We celebrated George's birthday at Kovalam together with Leela, Rajamma Kochamma, Babuchayen, Benoy and Maya

George's Birthday

A brief but enjoyable visit to see Johnny at his new house in Kerala. It turned out that Achenkunju and Mini together with Sarah - all from Virginia - were also there because of the illness of Johnny & Mini's father

Visit to Johnny

We both visited Shiny's mother in Adoor for a few hours. I slept through most of the visit - it was after a heavy lunch and a couple of beers at Johnny's house


A day visit to Reena & Suresh in Kottayam. Had a very nice lunch with them - Reena is an excellent cook

Kottayam - Reena & Suresh

A quick visit, with George, to see Renu in Kaloopara. We had seen her earlier in Madras at Ashwati's house

Renu at Kaloopara

We had one of those unbelievable lunches that only Rajammakochamma could provide - great food and the usual warmth and hospitality. George and Leela were there as well

Lunch - Rajammakochamma

We spent a month during March/April 2009 in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and China. It was a memorable experience and these pictures hopefully capture some of what we saw


Hong Kong


China - Chengdu

China - Guilin

China - Li River Cruise

China - Yangtze River Cruise

China - Terra Cotta Soldiers

China - Shanghai

China - Beijing

In May 2009 we went for a Caribbean cruise with Amit, Peter, Shiny, Sarah, Susannah and Emmy. We had a great time with all of the usual enjoyable aspects of any cruise including some great food - but especially having family members with us during the cruise

Caribbean Cruise - May 2009





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